IN/HUMAN is my first book of street photography.  It is a hardcover 8x10 inch book, consisting of 28 photographs, printed on a beautiful 190 GSM semi-gloss paper.  The photographs in IN/HUMAN span the period of (roughly) 2010-2015, a five-year period in which my photographic style began to coalesce.

The photographs were predominantly shot on 35mm and medium format film, although there is a smattering of digital in there, as well.  I personally oversaw the test printing of the book through multiple iterations, to ensure the correct paper choice and optimal image editing.  Suffice it to say, I'm very pleased with the final product.

Thematically, IN/HUMAN examines the relationships between people, light, and urban environments.  My goal with this project was to eschew the traditional 'decisive moment' approach to street photography, in favour of a more abstract aesthetic in which people, though integral to the photograph, were not necessarily the central feature. Rather, I wanted to look at how light and shadow and obscure or highlight the human form, and how urban environments, set against natural light, can transform the mundane.

The first edition of IN/HUMAN will consist of 100 signed and numbered copies, available at a cost of $85 USD.  Frankly, I struggled with how to price the book.  I am personally funding the production, and as anyone who knows about these things can attest, book production ain't cheap.  A price of $85 works out to about $3.00 per photograph, which isn't too bad (assuming you like the photographs).  In addition, for this first edition, I am offering free worldwide shipping.

In addition, I will be selling limited edition signed and numbered prints of every photograph in the book, for a cost of $25 each.  These are custom, handmade archival pigment prints on very high quality baryta 8.5 x 11" papers (image size varies by aspect ratio).  Only 10 prints of every image will be made in this edition.

I truly hope you enjoy the book.  I very much enjoyed making it, and I hope that shows through in the photographs.

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