Germany - June, 2017

So, here's the backstory:

I was invited to give a lecture at a large cancer clinic in Hamburg, Germany. The flights, trains, and hotels were duly booked by my hosts. Business class. Nice!

I fly to Frankfurt. Lovely.

Quick train ride in to the Haubtbahnhof to wait for my train to Hamburg.

Have some lunch, grab some coffee. Read a book. More coffee.

Get on the train. Sleep.

Pull into Hannover. Ummm...why is everyone getting off the train? What was that announcement (in German)?

So it turns out that no trains are going north of Hannover. Something up with the tracks. So I'm stuck in Hannover. And so is everyone else. And I'm due to give a lecture in Hamburg in about 18 hours.

So I'll rent a car. Nope. None available.

Bus? All booked.

Ok, so I'll say in Hannover for the night. Nein.

So I spend 5 hours in the Hannover train station, and eventually find my way onto a train headed back to Frankfurt. 3 hours. More dodgy sleep.

On the train I book a hotel close to the station. Get to the hotel. 45 minute wait to check in because the airlines have all stopped flying out of Frankfurt due to bad weather and every single passenger is checking in to my hotel.

By now it's 11PM. I haven't had a decent sleep in about 24 hours. And I'm hungry. And the hotel restaurant closes at 11PM.

Back to the train station to see what's open. Nothing. Except McDonalds. Fine. I wolf down a Big Mac and some fries, and head back. On the way back, I start thinking "you know what, there's no way I'm getting back on a train in 6 hours to give a talk at 10AM. I just want to go home."

So I call Air Canada and after about an hour of back and forth and back and forth, I get my flight changed. Air Canada promises me a new ticket by email. Finally, at about 2AM, I get to sleep.

Next morning, no email. Crap! But I can check in to my flight! Hmmm. The flight is at 5PM, and I have no idea if I'm actually on it.

So I decide to go for a walk and then head to the airport so that I can have an actual human hand me an actual boarding pass and say I'm on the actual flight.

5 hours and two airport lounges later, I'm on a flight home.

36 hours of travel. Two planes. Two trains. One hotel. No talk.

Still took some pics, of course. All with the Fuji GA645 on Provia 100F.