London - February, 2017

Another year, another trip back to London.

I can't fully express how much I love this city; despite all of its foibles, London draws me in like no other place.  I never get tired of visiting.

I really don't have anything new to *say* about the trip or London, or anything else for that matter.  Except perhaps to mention that I got a chance to spend an afternoon with the talented and all-around great guy Tom Welland.  Tom and I were supposed to get together during my last trip to London in October, but plans got altered and we weren't able to meet up.  I'm not sure we photographed much of anything, but we had a cracking good walk, spent some quality time in the pub, and generally had a terrific time.  Can't wait to do it again, Tom.

Anyway, the photos.  Leica M-E and Mamiya 7 w/ Provia 100F or 400X.  Simple.