Project 1 - City Hall

Some time last February, I loaded up my Hasselblad 503cx with some Ilford HP5+ and went for a walk, with a goal in mind: shoot an entire roll of film - 12 shots - of a single subject.  I had absolutely no preconceptions about what subject I was going to shoot; I just wanted to challenge myself to get creative. Suffice it to say, I enjoyed the process very much.  At first, I found it rather difficult to come up with interesting ways of photographing a single subject.  But slowly, it became more and more natural; I started to see things in ways I had never considered

For my first such project, I decided to photograph Toronto's City Hall.  For those who don't know the history of this building, City Hall was designed in the early '60s as replacement for the Old City Hall, which is located across the street and now serves as a courthouse.  While the Old City Hall (that's what we call it, BTW) is a beautiful Romanesque building, featuring a clock tower that was, for a time, the tallest structure in Canada, the current City Hall is...well...less classic.  Iconic?  Sure. But I'm not sure it's aged particularly well.  City Hall sits on a large public square which has been under nearly-constant development and re-development for as long as I can remember.

Anyway, City Hall is an oft-photographed landmark in Toronto, and that was part of why I chose it for this initial project; could I photograph this site in a unique way that didn't rely heavily on cliché?

Well, I'm not sure I entirely succeeded, but I did very much enjoy the process.

Enjoy the photographs.