Washington, D.C. - April 2017

Picture this conversation, which (more or less) took place last August:

Him: "Hey Mike."
Me: "What's up?"
Him: "Are you going to the AACR Meeting in Washington in April?"
Me: "Of course.  I love D.C.  Can't wait."
Him: "Yeah, it should be great."
Me: "Yup. D.C. in April is gorgeous.  And this year will be extra special, because the U.S. will finally have a female president and in no way will anyone fear imminent nuclear wars on multiple fronts."
Him: "Absolutely."
Me: "Sweet."

So, that didn't turn out quite as planned, but I still went to Washington, D.C.

Here are the photos. (Leica M-E or Hasselblad 503cx. Provia 100F or 400X)