New Adventures With the Family

The family and I recently took a much-needed break (especially for me, for reasons I've discussed) and flew down to the Dominican Republic for a week of doing just about nothing.  Ordinarily, I'm not much for these types of vacations; I very much prefer adventuring and discovering new things in new places, but with the family, it's great to just sit by the pool, laugh, eat, drink, and generally have a great time. This trip also gave me the opportunity to test out my new Fujifilm X100T.  I was an early adopter of the original X100, and I used that camera for 2 years, all around the world.  I lived through its considerable growing pains, and saw it mature into a very good camera.  The X100T is a better camera in every conceivable way.  I also brought along the Fuji wide angle and tele convertors, which allow for 28 and 50mm equivalents, respectively.  This makes for a very compact digital travel kit with lots of flexibility and gorgeous image quality.

Here is a small selection of images from the trip, all taken with the X100T.